Make Your Small Space Feel Like Home

It's easy to feel cramped and cluttered in a small space - so your trusty Revampt crew has put together several tips to help you make your tiny house flourish! 

A clutter-free home means less stress, less mess, and less fuss.

Use Proportional Furniture

Small spaces need small things! When shopping to furnish a your home, remember to look for slim shapes without bulk. Mid-century modern styles are perfect for compact spaces - they have streamlined structures and offer stylish and funky flare! 

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

Put Your Furniture to Work

Multi-purpose furniture = extra storage! When it comes to small spaces, additional storage is a necessity to keep your home clutter free. Some popular Revampt examples include coffee tables with storage, beds with drawers, nesting tables, and extendable dining tables. And don't forget - if Revampt doesn't have what you're looking for, we will design and build it for you!

Take Advantage of Your Ceiling Height

Don't waste that extra space - tall shelving units are a great storage solution! They make the ceiling feel higher, which makes the whole place feel larger. Show off your favorite plants, photos, and home decor items on the higher shelves, while storing "heavier" items, such as blankets, baskets, and shoes on the lower shelves. This will help keep the visual weight toward the floor, and draw the eyes of your guests up to the beautiful items you want to show off! 

When we throw out physical clutter, we clear our minds. When we throw out mental clutter, we clear our souls.

Keep a Tight Color Palette

Be careful not to bring in too many shades, patterns, and textures! This can leave your space feeling messy and cluttered. To avoid this, choose one stand out color and use neutrals and lighter accents to keep your room feeling light, airy, and large! 

Reflect On Your Decor

To add depth and dimension to your area, decorate with a large mirror, or a group of mirrors! This eclectic technique helps open up the room and brighten up the space by reflecting any light. 

Collect moments, not things.

Be a Thoughtful Shopper

Think before you shop! Don't collect meaningless and purposeless items - functional items can double as decor and storage! Bring a sense of nostalgia into your space buy purchasing decorative storage items during your travels, such as bowls and baskets. Don't be afraid to try this trendy decor tip: create a gallery wall out of bohemian baskets to display worldly artifacts from your travels!

Now, go try some of these techniques in your home! And, if you need any help just give us a shout! If you use these tips and love your results, send us some snaps - we'd love to see!

Maegan CampbellRevampt