Our Favorite 2018 Custom Pieces

Today, we’re looking back and reminiscing on some of the exciting custom pieces we did in 2018. So much walnut, lots of live edges, design styles for all different personalities and, of course, insanely creative pieces crafted from the most unsuspecting, repurposed materials! We have a lot of plans for unique furniture pieces next year because, well, it’s just fun. Plus, we’ll take any excuse to make something new using reclaimed materials. For now, let’s take a look back on what happened in 2018 in the world of Revampt.

This is going to be fun.

Beetle Kill Pine with Concrete Inlay Dining Table

This table is here to party! The raw steel geo base adds just the right amount of spunk to the space and the concrete inlay truly ties it all together. We love how the client’s art and rug complement the overall design of the table too! Bravo.

Walnut Barn Door Office Cabinet

Walnut Office Cabinet - Sliding Doors.jpg

This is such a cool piece in person. It’s much taller than you’d expect - 47” in height. Bet you didn’t know that behind one of those sliding cabinet doors there is a clothing rack to hang suit jackets and shirts. The client’s office is downtown, so now he’s always ready for the day-to-night change! His printer is hiding behind the other cabinet. What a thoughtful design!

Live Edge (Squared-off) Elm Dining Table

Who doesn’t love the character of a live edge? This client decided to forgo the actual live edge for a more polished, squared-off look that matches the strong steel base below. The customer fell totally in love with how this one turned out (and let’s be honest, so did we)!

Mountain Scene Bench

Mountain Scene Bench 2.jpg

For you mountain explorers! Imagine this dreamy bench welcoming you home every day. Those hiking boots would look perfect under it! We made sure to have the top smoothed out so that there was no chance of slivers - such a practical and fun design.

End Grain Beetle Kill Coffee Table

We had so many questions about this stunner while it was hanging out in our showroom before it was delivered to it’s permanent home. We’ve got a feeling we’ll make a few more of these in 2019. A piece of art that you could stare at for a good while . . .

Walnut Conference Table with Brass Inlay

If you couldn’t already tell, this funky piece lives at a co-working office space in the upcoming Five Points neighborhood. Yes, that is actually brass and it’s 11 feet long! Sure to inspire conversation.

Live Edge Console with Geo Steel Base

Live Edge Console and Geo Steel Base.jpg

Timeless live edge walnut - it’ll never disappoint. We love how that funky base turned out too! Oh, and it’s puppy approved so all is right.

Concrete Dining Table with Walnut Architectural Base

Concrete Top and Walnut Architectural Base.jpg

The wood adds just the right amount of warmth to the concrete top - creating a perfect balance. Don’t worry, there’s wide steel framing under the concrete so it will not tip over! That top alone was verrrry heavy.

Raw Steel and Rustic Oak Bookshelf

This was another piece we had tons of questions about while it was displayed in our showroom. In fact, we’re getting another one made right this moment! The client who ordered it is a professional chef and wanted to display his various unique cookware and bake ware near his kitchen. We love all of the compartments to hold just the right pieces.

Built-in Walnut Kitchen Nook with Custom Leather Seating

What a beautiful space to relax and unwind with the family! Modern, minimalist, and just the right amount of warmth with the walnut. Our builders for this one were so diligent with the installation - so many measurements to get just right! Hats off to Jon and Deana at New Collar Goods for this one.

Walnut Media Console

New Collar Goods - Walnut Media Console.jpg

Our clients with this piece wanted to incorporate some of the brass mesh from their previous media console into this new one. We LOVE the vintage touch it added. We made sure to have enough room behind the cabinets for their various media components - everything has a different shape/size. The final look is timeless and chic.

Live Edge Bench with Turquoise Resin

We still can’t get over how this one turned out. We’ll be here staring at it all day if you need us. Yes, those are real turquoise stones!

Caesarstone Top Dining Table

Caesarstone Top and Steel Pedestals 2.JPG

It’s bright and white, crisp and clean. The contrast from the dark steel pedestals is just right. We made sure to get the curvature of the stone top to match the custom bench seating they had installed. How fun their family dinners must be!

Walnut Set - Console, Dining Table, Extendable Coffee Table

These three went to the same home. We imagine they’ll probably be together for many, many years to come. Walnut, again, for the win!

There you have it. Now we want to hear what you’re dreaming up!

What styles and designs do you want to see more of in 2019? Stop by the shop, let us know your thoughts. We will try to deliver!